Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shop news for Spring

  Been a while, been posting updates on our face book account page,  
Shop has endured several changes sense Sept we lost 3 of our valued employee's. But with loss and changes there is always a light and new blood comes in. We welcome a complete new crew Scott our lead and head carpenter, Rick who worked for us several years ago he came back to our family and boy is it a pleasure to have our Rick back as Carpenter. Robert our electrician and overall hand , Bill we have know for a few years another overall hand and boy can he install a sub floor. Lawton new polisher and overall helper, 2nd shift Nathen part time polisher after school, John welder fabricator one of the best there is , Bobby part time polisher, and Patricia paint and wall covering and stain matching .
  Much work has passed through our shop sense Sept and we have many upcoming builds due out for completion and even though we are still a bit behind we will not rush any unite good work and plenty of it

80 anniversary flying cloud bambi narrow body big tree made it a convertible well for now  

1973 20ft argosy

1999 classic off with the fabric on with new skin

1950 passer bad shape twin peeks trailer with a clam shell door soon

2012 bambi wide body little work reclaimed cedar and custom sink

1947 Curtis wright complete custom you wont see one this nice

66 avion h25 started her a real custom build coming in this one stay tune

47 Spartan floor 50amp and 12 volt and some window work

63 safari restore except the appliances going out soon 

more of 47 Spartan

50 passer before the bigggggg hole

Sunday, September 7, 2014

newest from my restore shop

Boy it has been a while have been so darn busy with our custom shop, I am now solo with the departure of Rondie, she has a purely dislike for TX and work . We all at our shop wish her best of luck with her life wherever it  takes her.Our builds are unlike any we have dreamed of check out our updates and our website. . Now doing can ham's, and every aspect of restore with a dash of custom or full on custom.

real cool art studio

Clints 32ft  airstream  lim

Franks 67 overlander , oh 2 15.000 BTU ac unites. We completely restored and custom this baby , and she is now for sale he wants a bigger one built by us. Love our customers. She can be had for mid 20s

1950s mobile lodge new front skin and polish and a bit of inside work.

Pauls 34 Ft avion , lots of different things went on here outside alum work, from a blow out, inside fabrication of wheel well  new flooring, counter tops Wilson art great stuff and some cabinets restoring.


 and Kenny's 65 trotter complete custom build from a empty shell.

This is a 62 trotter the book longest road was written in this trailer for a 1 year trip across America to Alaska, we received it after the trip and to rehap the maple skin that came apart ,looks much better with good quality  birch
This 06 classic had the normal carpet on the walls, turned black, we repair the lose rivets and go in with alum walls not to bad

50s cardnal new side and paint, even fire  damage cannot keep a vintage trailer down

We do frame offs
Patricia and Jenny working on cabinets for our Shasta build , notice the Curtis Wright in the background Mary owns this baby to be built for a show she is starting cooking in state parks food network she needs to be ready December.

Yep we polished a Spartan and built a garden on top by extending the roof with new skin and vapor barriers

mobile  lodge  new wood and window and of course Wilson art countertop