Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mystic Springs airstream park

We spent our 2 weeks here in fact for most of our time the only RV people at the park was ourselves and the park host. there were at several times was 2 other airstream's come for a day or two than leave on the last weekend we had a rally with a gone with the theme of course good food and the movie, also  a civil war display oh of course it was a south display the yanks were not invited it was a blast. Well it got cold so on the road we went on Sunday to Lake Charles LA a nice no frills park just for the night called oaks RV park, than Monday we made it to San Marcos TX about 40 miles from San Antonio, we stopped at Pecan RV park to check it out a work camper site. We loved it we will be working there last of Feb running a tubing operating for the park the owner is a good guy and asked us to work for him so we will. Tue we made it to TX airstream harbor in Zavalla TX we will put our butts here for a month and of course a rally. enjoy the pic's of Mystic springs will post latter for here and for all our friends that don't have an airstream eat your hart out $60.00 a week here , beat the recession buy airstream.
 Juno in timeout
 A very empty park
 our camp
 great display at the park
 Oh Rondie this rifle weights more than you

nice and shinny

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mc David Fl

We are at an Airstream Park Mystic Springs, boy is it quite hear been cold for a week so not much doing other R&R staying inside and working on work camps for the winter.

It appears we have been successful we have 3 tentative work areas and in San Antonio TX, boy we love it there. We have had many phone interviews for work from everything from retail merchandising, to selling fudge, to on the road sales for a publication for RV parks, and of course Work camping at rv parks. The good news is we have had 6 work offers, the bad news we cant make our minds up.

OK now we have an income that looks good for the rest of winter we can relax and weigh all offers and accept the best for us. While hear at the park we will be attending an Airstream rally this weekend than to TX for a visit at the RV parks that want to hire us.

Enough of us a few pictures of the area and things to do, if you come hear plan ahead the closest store is over 15 miles away and the Walmart is over 28 miles away, which by the way has the cheapest fuel 3.18 for diesel fuel under 3.00 for gas, that is average 11 cents less.

There are good restaurants in the area but we just know that by word of mouth as we cook and enjoy  more using our own recipes and dutch oven. If you come hear you have to go to the Naval Air museum it is free and one of the best displays of aircraft in the US, they have a Light House museum there also sorry no pic's of the light house. Also a RV park is on base but to to high of Price. You have to enter the base to see this stuff not to worry just have drivers lic out and not be a most wanted, and yes you can take your RV as ample parking room at the museum. check out these pictures they are just grand of the displays we loved this place can spend all day there and then some.

 This display is from a plain wreck that was located in the great lakes. and most of the display planes at this place were recovered from the great lakes where many crashes happened during training WWII.

 Looks like the day of long ago

 Remember homes like this, I do

Enjoy life we only live once will post the rally this weekend..................

Monday, January 10, 2011

In Fl at Mc David

  Hi all well we are still alive been a week sense last post no pic's this time but lots of info. We are at a airstream park Mystic springs about 38 miles north/west of Pensacola Fl, a nice little park just off a little river its in a park setting lots of trees birds critters and panthers YES PANTHERS Juno stays close at hand she doesn't like the idea of a Panther snack. last weekend a rally of good Sam's RVs was in the park now just the park host us and one other airstream couple. Looks like we are missing the ice and cold just a few miles up the road in AL, MS, LA, we are glade to be hear.
  We are awaiting to get word on our truck a bit of engine work a big issue so we play the wait game and enjoy the park we are going to wait for a little warmer weather like at least 60 than put the silver canoe in the river. We have opened an Amazon store up as well as working on some on line business opportunities to make a little more cash  for all you rvers that are looking for ways to make a living while enjoying your life style we will update the good and the bad and the ugly on the work front and friends there is much to look at when working from the RV and we have tried quite a few updates soon to follow. enjoy life Sean & Rondie & Juno

Monday, January 3, 2011

Saint George Island FL

more shots of  Key West Hemingway's house he had a good life.

sunset in the Keys

 these Pic's are from Lake Kissimmee Fl State park and yes it has gators it is on the edge of the everglades so air boats are the preferred travel and even though the park is just gorgeous the air boats you can hear all day and some at night that is the only bad I can find on review here.
 This little guy (armadillo) was a bit shy but he loves his picture taken he even ran into my leg as I was trying to get this shot.

 This eagle was just looking at us as we walked a 2.5 mile nature trail close as I could get to him little fuzzy
 A must do here is the cow camp the volunteer is role playing and he is just right and best at this we learned a lot about the cattle raised in the area in the 1800s who knew cattle in FL ? I thought only gator ranches
 A bullwhip demo they did not hit the cattle with it only made a whip noise with it like a gunshot noise

 This hawk just let me up to about 20 feet from him and he posed they must pay him to pose for tourist

 We had a nice camp could not even see the other campers from the site a little sol as
 Had to try this once think I need more shine on this trailer or at least wash it................
 This is Saint George Island state park FL. You wont believe the the peacefulness it is just our new favorite the beaches are grand plenty of shells our new pass time collecting them, we were on the beach of a 5 mile stretch and only seen 2 other people this is and park only beach  no building other than park units and 60 camp sites all in 5 miles of Island and beach we have the place to ourselves most of the time 10 other campers here only this is a must see.

 Yes they have a light house just outside of the park
Hi friends well we relocated on New Years Day to Saint George Island in FL some 7 hour drive in the rain not a pleasant drive. but well worth the trip we are to stay hear till Tue than we will point the rig north and see where we end up we are waiting for word on some reset work at a few stores just to put some change in the kitty. we have enclosed some pic's from the keys and some from Lake Kissimmee state park in FL and of course St George Island. the way to go is the state parks down hear they are clean and well cared for the rangers are friendly and helpful so far Fl tops the state park list for us