Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vintage trailers for sale

As a service to our customers we are listing vintage trailers for sale now most need restore work and some are prime candidates for our service of restore and upgrade service  we can build it to your taste and wallet . .email for info and price list on any of these units.
 a 50's travelite not to many of these around I am told a great deal can be made for her she is at our shop everything is there complete inside just like the 50's.

 67 ambassador been sitting a bit will make a great restore we can build this baby for you to your taste.

 60's solv needs complete restore floor and all frame? axles? 30ft this is a good price for the trailer

 not sure of the year great inside but been sitting 454 auto needs a person that wants a project and knows how to build it.

We have this 90s airstream 300le  454 and every option installed customer has it at our shop for detail and a few small fix's, They say sell it it just made a trip from CA to TX. only issue is the customers daughter backed it into a tree small dent can be seen in picture we are looking into the fix on this issue contact us for a price

 A 43 foot royal mansion  1956 I think ready for a home needs restoring and a little floor work.

 a 1976 land yacht 31 foot  and she is ready to camp very little is needed to make it your own


  1. Do you have any additional pics of the 20 ft Argosy?

  2. sorry no we dont but if you e mail us we can get you to the owner that has all the info email at

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