Friday, June 22, 2012

More polish form our shop

Another well polished airstream to hit the road and turn heads , We worked our butt's off on this girl Its funny how a trailer takes a life of its own this one had used up 2 of our workers when one leaves another takes over then he never come back, First I thought it was me than we figured out the heat and hard work just is two much for some of these workers , So the boss has to put it in. 18 hour days well the final product is here hard to use the S grade in this heat but  were done , next is finish the 33 foot excella and this baby is real close well more 18 hour days are in store. We shall have some good shots of our Scotty build , the 20ft Tradewind build. 29ft solv build and the 55 comet. Stay tuned
 some new paint
 almost complete
 looking better
new belly pan installed

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