Thursday, February 21, 2013

New updates work is ongoing

Work is good to many builds to think about all at once We have 2 new addishions to the work forse Kenny and Shawn both drive in from Houston to work for us , and boy are they good hands Shawn being a custom carpender and putting his personal tuchs on trailers, Kenny is also a customer he and his wife own the 65 globtriter we are building. and this week 2 young men from south west TX has come into the shop to polish Lamar's trailer these kids are good they work for Lamar at his farm. We find in the hill country not many workers are avable or wanting to work so our help comes from out of town .
    Our trailer builds this month recap Casey's 53 westren , now tore down to the frame ready for the fun. Franks 67 overlander real close awaiting all the custom work on the alum shower pan and stainless oven door for the vintage oven both made by Custom Sheet metal of Auston TX owned by Ron and he is good and the only alum fab person we will use other than myself. Lamars 76 30ft is real close with Shawn doing his custom tuch on the knotty alder build and the 2 boys polishing.
   Louis 53 comet is soooooooooo close to being complete awaiting body parts on back order so we can complete the polish and seams on the sides the edge rails all need custom built . Kenny & Pattys 65 globtroter was started last week and all being built with burch and is going fast . Stan & Cathy's 30ft is being striped dpwn and inside polished a big custom built trailer and fun to build , Georga's 66 overlander new elic center and ac being installed this week been behind on this one , Wayne & Kathy's 67 30ft shower pan on order soon she will have a new bath , repared elic, and front lounge ready for bed and breakfast placement, Annmarie droped off her 60s streamline 19ft a custom build for sisters on the fly parts ordered for the build we cant waite for this girl.
   Due in a 30ft elic and floor issue, Clints 34 ft for a build , and 2 kids from auston a school mobil art trailer for art class,  and 2 tradewinds in a month, and a 30ft for window seals and parabond sealing, can I take a breath yet. Safe travels to all  Vintage travelers restore 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

work for last few months

Work has been study and time consuming for us , with trailers being completed and new projects starting looks like we have no slow down time coming soon we have 7 trailer's in various stages of build's, enjoy our trailer pictures.

 75 solv sold to Bruce completed build enjoy Bruce

 Casy's 53 westren a complete restore frame and rebuild every inch will be new
 Lamar's 70's solv in the works complete inside build all knotty alder wood

 Kenny & Pattys 65 globtrotter complete restore and custom build the start sprayed inside
 more of Lamar's

 more of Kenny's

 Louis 53 comet coming togreather inside restored and matched stain  now the rest of the work polish outside and rebuild windows

 70's fan got a new quean bed in the rear,

 Casy's avion soon for some restore work and windows

Franks new counter top 67 overlander this is a complete restore 75% complete this baby has all the org wood restored and clear coated, will have a custom alum bath with vesel sink check back for the updates