Monday, April 9, 2012

lotsssssss has happened

Well it has been a while we are in johnson city at a rv park working soon to end our contract at the park in May ,not to be worried we have started a vintage airstream and other brands repair and polish service . We have now been open for 12 weeks and have 7 trailers at the shop in diferent stages of remodel and polish what a blast and hard work we even hired a young man to help out and learn the buss , Now for the real good stuff we had a real cool rally at the rv park we cohosted with friends Bruce and Rose and they are a kick check out all these fun pictures and no worrys for we have pictures of the shop and a few trailers and a class C new rig we worked on for a cuple that stayed at the park good to help them out with a bad floor we made it new. happy camping
 A Class C needed help

 2 of the hardest workers to put this all togreather
 Yes we even had 2 submariners

 what is so funny Judy
 Mrs Cortez she is so cuite in her 80s and going strong
 Jim with plenty of girls i think he had 4 in the trailer
 Rondi is under that hat somewhere
 plenty of egg games

 Look at this 48 oh I want to polish this baby

 A drop in from Ontario Canda look at this work I think it is a 63 globtrot

 one more beer Sid

Rondi & Rose working hard

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