Sunday, October 21, 2012

shop work this month

  We had a few days off due to illness not good when you are the only employee's . Now the work goe's on to make up day's missed. We do more than airstreams and Trent's & Breanna's trailer allmost complete, Franks lots more work to do but all comming togreather.

Fun time rally time

We had our second annual hill country rally in the TX hill country , it was wet but we had a blast the airstreamers came and just had a fun weekend we had a band and great food ,it was a good break from the shop. We thank all who endured the rain and the beer and wine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life with a trailer restore shop

Well been awhile for posting been busy at the shop we are updating our web site ,and not the blog.
  So the shop is going well have moved some trailers out completed the work and many happy customers, Our Scotty build went great,  Have the Comet 2/3 complete, a 78 solv 2/3 complete, a 67 overlander 1/4 complete. and not to forget the 53 flying cloud polishing going on. work is complete on the 93 excella 24ft. and now  a 65 globetrotter waiting complete build, 56 west, 73 solv, 74 Fan waiting some work, and another 76 solv coming in this week some some quick fix.
   Now for the fun  we are having a airstream rally at Millers RV resort 28th-30th of Sep great music, food and great friends about 22 trailers coming in, stop by for a visit .

In the hands of it's owner a completed scotty
Bruce's 53 flying cloud start of a polish
Frank's 67 overlander getting ready for complete restore.
               a little comet yes it will polish but needs a complete belly pan and some frame work
                    not sure why builders leave floor open to the elements we will fix this issue.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We have been busyyyyyyyyyyy a real cool 30ft from a couple in San Antonio she will have a complete rework inside to update and make her usable for which a personal trailer of this size is intended for user friendly, Front lounge in and beds going in stay tuned for more work, also we have posted some of the work photos of the Scotty build from a few weeks ago we are not going to show finish product pictures of this trailer until the customer receives it for many unspoken surprises are in this baby. be sure to check out our new web site

 So this Sunday we took a day off and after over a year here we took our first tour of LBJ ranch what a nice place and lots of history I had no idea.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another polish complete now the floor  removal of the inside skin, and dent repair. We are almost complete with our Scotty build but can not post pictures here, as a surprise for the customer. The globetrotter is getting a inside build from a father & sun Carpenter team from San Antonio they are good , soon I can finish my elic and Pex and some touch up Brent the customer should be camping soon. Another project we just got in thanks to Bruce locating this 67 overlander in NM, a restore build no gutting in this baby Frank the new owner of this baby is ready to start once we have the room. Not that we have no work but we have a 30ft solv in for Breeanna a complete build soon to start this week coming all the prep work is done now build time , at this time we may never get a vacation  careful what you wish for.

Teds brewery trailer stage 1, polish and strip out.

 67 overlander a new project

 Brents globetrotter

Friday, June 22, 2012

More polish form our shop

Another well polished airstream to hit the road and turn heads , We worked our butt's off on this girl Its funny how a trailer takes a life of its own this one had used up 2 of our workers when one leaves another takes over then he never come back, First I thought it was me than we figured out the heat and hard work just is two much for some of these workers , So the boss has to put it in. 18 hour days well the final product is here hard to use the S grade in this heat but  were done , next is finish the 33 foot excella and this baby is real close well more 18 hour days are in store. We shall have some good shots of our Scotty build , the 20ft Tradewind build. 29ft solv build and the 55 comet. Stay tuned
 some new paint
 almost complete
 looking better
new belly pan installed