Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our airstream and vintage remodel shop

   Well we will now post our adventure of our airstream shop in Johnson City TX. We have been open for 12 weeks now and have completed 4 trailers and 1 class C newer rig. our first trailer was a 70s, 20ft Argocy floor replacement , water line upgread and some minor work, than a 62 airstream bambi polish, than a 2008 class C floor repair and new top floor covering, a 30ft excella vista window repair & brake rite system install, and yesterday compleation of a 66 airstream caravel polish paint and some custom outside work.
  We are going strong we have 5 trailers in varios stages of work all are not just polish but floor replacement interior design elic upgreade, water line upgread, inside pannel replacement, we have a 32ft excella 1000, 29ft solv, 24ft glob trotter, 13ft scotty 13 ft comet. we have 1 part time employee and of course myself and Rondi working full time.
  We are also offering and a special design rock guard for vintage airstreams for sale, and more items to come like airstream baby moons ecthed and powered coated logo (airstream), flag pole holders also. much on the plate enjoy the pic's and if we can service your needs plese contact us for a evaluation.
 3rd 71 globe trotter

 2nd 62 bambi

 2nd 62 bambi
 1st at the shop

 4th class C

 class C

5th 66 carvel before

 we will be offering these for sale rock guards for vintage airstreams
 still awaiting new name plates to complete will forward them to the customer as he will be completing the inside and and ac unit

 class C complete

Monday, April 9, 2012

lotsssssss has happened

Well it has been a while we are in johnson city at a rv park working soon to end our contract at the park in May ,not to be worried we have started a vintage airstream and other brands repair and polish service . We have now been open for 12 weeks and have 7 trailers at the shop in diferent stages of remodel and polish what a blast and hard work we even hired a young man to help out and learn the buss , Now for the real good stuff we had a real cool rally at the rv park we cohosted with friends Bruce and Rose and they are a kick check out all these fun pictures and no worrys for we have pictures of the shop and a few trailers and a class C new rig we worked on for a cuple that stayed at the park good to help them out with a bad floor we made it new. happy camping
 A Class C needed help

 2 of the hardest workers to put this all togreather
 Yes we even had 2 submariners

 what is so funny Judy
 Mrs Cortez she is so cuite in her 80s and going strong
 Jim with plenty of girls i think he had 4 in the trailer
 Rondi is under that hat somewhere
 plenty of egg games

 Look at this 48 oh I want to polish this baby

 A drop in from Ontario Canda look at this work I think it is a 63 globtrot

 one more beer Sid

Rondi & Rose working hard