Friday, December 31, 2010

Key west and beyond

Well Key west was cold and windy but we still made it there, The drive there was the best great view, but the traffic in West was bad to many people we arrived in the afternoon and went to the Light House a fun historical place Juno even went in with us, than we gave Hemingway's place a try long lines but worth the Waite. we loved the pictures and personal things of his on display and boy did he have cats good thing we didn't bring in Juno, we have enclosed pic's after the House tour we drove through old town once more to many people so we drove back to our park and ready for the drive out of the keys, my friends you have to see them once for us 5 days was to long the only way for us to be in the keys is by boat not rv park or hotel or in town anchored off shore and island hopping is the thing and way to go and the only way we will return. now it took 6 hours to drive a 4 hour trip out of the keys to the everglades we are at a state park called  lake kissimmee it is a place we arrived after dark a few hours ago and hope to explore for a day we will post pic's and all the details soon Sean & Rondie & Juno

Monday, December 27, 2010

In the Keys at last

 what a great cup of coffee....................
 Robbie's a fun place , and very fat fish, there had to be 60 people feeding fish when we were here........

 this guy and I had to throw down he took my fish I took it back, but the look on his face he thinks he won........
We are enjoying ourselves staying at Jolly Roger travel park at Grassy Key just outside of Marathon, we arrived on Xmas day they put us in a pull through next to an other airstream 31 ft excel, well as it goes some people at parks are ferry nice and some just are not happy with them self's let alone others the other airstream people don't seem to like our old school awning so they complained to the office , the office ask me to move my guide rope's closer to my trailer pad well I was nice about it so I moved them a foot than asked the park for a discount on my site as I am  paying for a 42ft X 24ft site and restricting my awning would put my site at 12ft. they had nothing to say but sorry so I asked that they charge the other airstream extra for the space they want on the back side of their trailer. well all quite now the lesson hear is that some people want every one else to conform to their views and the world revolves around them we should all stand up for our self's and what we know is right as example we are paying same as that other person the office looked as her as old and would let her intimidate them on the other hand I to am a customer and I was right many people do not speak up for themselves well I do. this only has taken a little out of our fun time here in the Keys and moving on a great place to eat and on Christmas night  was Annette's stake and lobster what a wonderful place in Marathon, we had coffee to wake up and we were tired and both had lush Salmon dish with 2 sides of veg's good price all for less than a $50, after dinner a tour of the Xmas lights in town  than to our silver cottage. next day we toured the dolphin research center had a great cop of joe at a place called Midway cafe famous for lime pie we will go back for that some of the best coffee I have had, move over Starbucks midway has your number well for all my Army buddy's we still have the best joe know to man. we did a lot of driving around and made it to Robbie's marina oh my god what a great place to see and have fun its kinda a cross of a Mexico swap meet and road side attraction, this place you have got to see. Rondie got a small bucket of fish to feed the fish with ok what?????? yes the Tarpon a large 4 foot or more fish that will eat out of your hand she had a blast well my turn and with me nothing is easy as I am feeding the large fish the large dog size Pelicans decided they want a fish the one in my hand well you guessed it I had to throw town with the bird I won the bird lost and the tarpon got the fish Rondie said I need anger management class so we called it a day, so I could bask in my glory and cook our dinner , We have much to do in only 5 days ,so updates may be a bit late coming on Key West and our Island hopping with the canoe if the swells don't get us, stay safe and happy travels friends. Sean & Rondie & Juno

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all friends

Here is some pic's of friends from our 6 months in Santa Fe New Mexico at Rancheros Camp ground we spent a great deal of time just viewing area and visiting interesting people also a chance to help with some people that just needed a little work on their trailers or advice. Sisters on the fly came to the camp ground to visit all Lady's trailer club, the Zorba which is the first burning Man it is said to cleanse the bad from the year you burn the bad and old stuff you want to forget from the year OK kinda voodoo but its Santa Fe when in drought just do as the locals may you have safe travels where ever you are Merry Christmas Sean & Rondie & Juno

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still here in Ft Lauderdale

We are waiting for more of the lot tear down 2/3 of the lot has been removed and the holes plugged, sale's are down everybody has already got their tree and are reading for saint nick, we on the other hand are readying for the Fl Keys oh does that sound good so today is time to load the boat through some polish on the airstream and sell off some 40 trees oh and get paid for all this fun, for you work campers you have got to try this at least once, put off your Xmas and give a little joy for others helping others get that perfect tree for them, sure you get some strange people but for the most people are just nice and we have made new friends and many many tours of our vintage trailer funny most people have not seen what the trailer is until they tour it many had parents who owned one years ago just gave them that good feeling this time of the year. The hardest part of this job you have to be here 24/7 and that is not an easy thing to do but we made it through not sure if we will do it next year ask us after we rejuvenate in a month or two or three or four have a great Xmas all we will be thinking of all while we are doing the Keys

Monday, December 20, 2010

More about the tree lot

 This porsche has 2 trunks we used the rear with a 8ft tree

 This family we donated this tree to they were homeless for several months got a rental home day before we gave them the tree.
 This guy and his dog walked 4 miles for his little tree he lives in Santa Fe NM in summer and south Fl in winter.
These 2 english tourist are staying at a hotel 5 blocks away got a 7 foot tree and walked it home to their room.