Saturday, February 5, 2011

TAHA Airstream Harbor TX

OK its been a week or so But darn cold here we have had frozen pipes one time this week my mistake for not planing for winter in fact I convinced myself would not be in a area where it is cold this winter but should of gone to Yuma ha ha. The other thing that was an ordeal was the first night it got cold was last Tue at 9pm we lost power at the park, when it came back on our power post was not making the come back the rest of the park had the power not us. We could not locate the main breaker so with wind chill and cold at about 7 degrees I moved all our stuff away from the trailer and disconnected and hooked up pull the trailer to another site no heat and cold and wet by 10:30pm we had power for 5min and out it went , we then used our adapters and heavy duty ext cord and ran 60ft of cord to another site worked had heat and lights . That darn groundhog better be right we need warmth . We are just laying low here for now if sun comes out some much needed polish on trailer and more relaxing we have to Waite till the 21st of Feb before going to San Marcos for our new adventure. stay warm friends and hold that Groundhog accountable. Sean & Rondie & Juno

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