Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another polish complete now the floor  removal of the inside skin, and dent repair. We are almost complete with our Scotty build but can not post pictures here, as a surprise for the customer. The globetrotter is getting a inside build from a father & sun Carpenter team from San Antonio they are good , soon I can finish my elic and Pex and some touch up Brent the customer should be camping soon. Another project we just got in thanks to Bruce locating this 67 overlander in NM, a restore build no gutting in this baby Frank the new owner of this baby is ready to start once we have the room. Not that we have no work but we have a 30ft solv in for Breeanna a complete build soon to start this week coming all the prep work is done now build time , at this time we may never get a vacation  careful what you wish for.

Teds brewery trailer stage 1, polish and strip out.

 67 overlander a new project

 Brents globetrotter

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