Monday, May 14, 2012

shop time full time

 inside Scott's Bambi
 Scotty new cab doors being worked

 Scott's Bambi
 even Juno has to work here while Rondi works on the scotty's floor
 new fanstic fan for the Scotty

Mike's trailer clear coat going and first compound

Things are really picking up We have 3 polish jobs in different stages of compleation, one complete restore of a Scotty, one complete restore of a 55 comet, still working on the remodel of the 71 troghter oue 3rd trailer that had come to the shop several months ago tanks have been made and are in. Scotts Bambi has been sold to a young cuple in Mass he has completly rebuilt to a nice looking custom trailer. and Now due in this weekend a gutted and ready for custom build we will be under taking in June as weel as 2 customers getting ready for their purchase for complete restore, will be a busy summer ahead. check out our pic's.

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