Friday, December 31, 2010

Key west and beyond

Well Key west was cold and windy but we still made it there, The drive there was the best great view, but the traffic in West was bad to many people we arrived in the afternoon and went to the Light House a fun historical place Juno even went in with us, than we gave Hemingway's place a try long lines but worth the Waite. we loved the pictures and personal things of his on display and boy did he have cats good thing we didn't bring in Juno, we have enclosed pic's after the House tour we drove through old town once more to many people so we drove back to our park and ready for the drive out of the keys, my friends you have to see them once for us 5 days was to long the only way for us to be in the keys is by boat not rv park or hotel or in town anchored off shore and island hopping is the thing and way to go and the only way we will return. now it took 6 hours to drive a 4 hour trip out of the keys to the everglades we are at a state park called  lake kissimmee it is a place we arrived after dark a few hours ago and hope to explore for a day we will post pic's and all the details soon Sean & Rondie & Juno

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