Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still here in Ft Lauderdale

We are waiting for more of the lot tear down 2/3 of the lot has been removed and the holes plugged, sale's are down everybody has already got their tree and are reading for saint nick, we on the other hand are readying for the Fl Keys oh does that sound good so today is time to load the boat through some polish on the airstream and sell off some 40 trees oh and get paid for all this fun, for you work campers you have got to try this at least once, put off your Xmas and give a little joy for others helping others get that perfect tree for them, sure you get some strange people but for the most people are just nice and we have made new friends and many many tours of our vintage trailer funny most people have not seen what the trailer is until they tour it many had parents who owned one years ago just gave them that good feeling this time of the year. The hardest part of this job you have to be here 24/7 and that is not an easy thing to do but we made it through not sure if we will do it next year ask us after we rejuvenate in a month or two or three or four have a great Xmas all we will be thinking of all while we are doing the Keys

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